Actress Eka Duke Writes Open Letter To Money, Begs For Forgiveness

Nollywood actress Eka Duke has written an open letter to money, while begging for forgiveness in the same breath.

The actress asked money to pardon her for saying during a debate in school that ‘education is superior to money’, revealing she was only naive at the time.

Eka Duke claimed she knows better now, and is only attracted to money alone. She wrote:

“I remember in school debate when I supported the motion that ‘education is better than money’. Money, please forgive me. I was a child. Please forgive me oooooooo, I was only but a child.. I was naïve no proper orientation.. I have taken a new Live dear Money. I change my motion, my Locomotive Force is attracted to only you now. Hope I have been able to convince you, not to confuse you, Dear MONEY.”

Recall that Eka Duke spoke about the strange things she had done for the person she loved in a recent interview with Saturday Sun.

When asked to have a pick from sex, love and money, which comes first for her, the Microbiology Graduate said:

”Omo money sure oh, but love can come later. I know money will not give me warmth at cold nights or rainy days but the chase is real trust me, and every man appreciates a woman that can stand up for herself and not totally dependent on him. I appreciate love oh, but don’t get it twisted money all the way.”

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