After 10-day ‘battle’ with tenant, elderly couple move into their Greater Noida flat

The couple said they own a flat in Shri Radha Sky Garden society in Sector 16B, Greater Noida West. After acquiring possession in 2021, they decided to lease the flat to the tenant for 11 months starting July 11 last year.
After spending 10 days sleeping on the stairs outside their own flat in a posh Greater Noida residential society, an elderly couple caught in a battle of possession with their tenant finally moved into their home on Friday.

Sunil Kumar, who is in his sixties, retired from a public sector unit in Mumbai in March after living in the city for over 30 years with his wife Rakhi Gupta (56). They said they own a flat in Shri Radha Sky Garden society in Sector 16B, Greater Noida West. After acquiring possession in 2021, they decided to lease the flat to the tenant for 11 months starting July 11 last year. There are around 2,000 flats in the complex where at least 1,000 people reside.

Sunil alleged, “We had sent her a notice on April 19 to vacate the home in June. Her initial response was positive but that changed soon after. She first said she will vacate the flat on June 19 but didn’t. On June 22, she claimed she requires time to move her things and that she will vacate one room for us to shift our things. My wife told her that vacating one room won’t be enough and that she can take some more time and shift her things completely. She later agreed and asked us to move our things. On her word, we shipped our possessions from Mumbai on July 17 and flew down on July 19. She was still in agreement about moving when we met in the evening but two hours later, she changed her mind and said that she won’t move.”

According to Rakhi, she and her sister, who lives in the same apartment complex, met the tenant on July 19. “We informed the tenant that our things will reach us at any time and that we are ready to help her vacate at least one room if not the whole house, as promised by her. She replied that she already has staff to help her move and so we were assured. But two hours later, she informed us that she won’t allow our things in the flat as she had certain valuables inside. Our truck had already reached and was parked outside the complex and we explained the situation to her, but she did not relent,” Gupta alleged.

Kumar approached Bisrakh police station on July 20 and also spoke with senior police officers and approached the District Magistrate’s office in the next few days.

“Meanwhile on Wednesday night, the tenant informed us in writing that she will vacate the flat on Thursday. We called her on Thursday between 7 am and 7.45 am but she did not respond to our calls or texts. We were sitting on the stairs the whole time because there is also a network issue in this area. Then on Thursday evening, the tenant’s brother said she was in Delhi and would be reaching Greater Noida in a couple of hours. She arrived around 8.30 pm and agreed to moving our things and promised she would vacate on Friday. We moved our things and my wife and her sister slept inside in one of the vacated rooms,” Kumar said, adding that his wife was hospitalised due to stress and exhaustion.

The couple has two daughters; the older daughter is married and younger one lives and works in Mumbai and her wedding is due in November, they said.

Mamta Varshney (65), Gupta’s elder sister who moved to the apartment complex in January along with her husband Anil Varshney from Mumbai, claimed: “We met the tenant on June 22, she informed us that she hasn’t found another place to rent. We offered to help her… She also informed us that she wanted to shift to another flat in the same society. Instead of finding a home for herself, she offered to find a home for my sister and her husband on rent and was not willing to vacate the house. She alleged she wasn’t able to rent another home as some people within the society had bad-mouthed her.”

Varshney alleged that after her sister and brother-in-law requested police to intervene, the tenant created a scene in front of the police team that had come to inspect last week. She allegedly misbehaved with her sister and also made several false allegations against them in front of the police, Varshney claimed.

Meanwhile, the tenant claimed that she has looked at over eight homes but all of them cancelled on her. “I’m a single mother and this world is extremely hard on women like me. Every aspect of society is dominated by men, and I have faced countless obstacles trying to find my way through life. I’m a broker and I have not been able to find a home for myself. I had great relations with the owners, but there are some elements that have tried to influence the situation against me,” she claimed.

Kumar and Gupta said they had full sympathy with the tenant’s situation which led them to rent out their flat to her. The tenant claimed she has been harassed by certain residents of the society but she was aware of the vacation notice sent to her in April.

According to Umesh Bahadur Singh, Station House Officer of Bisrakh police station, Noida Police visited the complex several times after the couple made filed an application. “A police team visited the complex several times last week to help sort out the issues between both parties. We heard both sides and asked them to work out a solution,” Singh said.

“The issue was resolved through police intervention and through support of residents of the complex. The tenant was not forcefully evicted…,” said Ranvijay Singh, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Noida.

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