After A Successful Show In Equatorial Guinea, PSquare Brothers Argue Over Their Next Assignment In New Video

Nigerian singing duo, Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as P-Square, were recently spotted in a video engaging in a mild argument over their next gig following a successful concert in Equatorial Guinea.

The twin boys recently had a successful concert in the Equatorial Guinea, where they thrilled fans at cities like Bata and Malabo, the capital of the country.
In a new clip, Psquare and some of their close associates were walking towards their private jet and excited fans were captured stepping in the singers’ way for a photo.

The brothers were filmed at the airport as they hopped on their private jet for a flight to Nigeria.

On the jet, set to zoom, PSquare’s personal assistant deemed it fit to give her bosses heads up on execution of their next assignment, which must be done on the jet.
However, Peter Okoye told her to hold off until they reach Nigeria. Reacting, Rudeboy countered his opinion by insisting that they carry out the task on the jet.

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