amarnath ɑᴄᴄɪԀҽո‌т: 2 people of rajasthan Ԁɪҽd, retired police officers ran away while saving others, many ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ

amarnath ɑᴄᴄɪԀҽո‌т: 2 people of rajasthan Ԁɪҽd, retired police officers ran away while saving others, many ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ
shri ganga nagar, two people from sriganganagar district have Ԁɪҽd in the tragedy of cloudburst near amarnath cave in anantnag district of jammu and kashmir late on friday evening. retired police officer of sri ganganagar sushil khatri and his friend sunita wadhwa have become victims of the amarnath tragedy. along with this, other people in his batch are still ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ. the district administration has also confirmed the death of 2 people from among the devotees who had gone from sriganganagar district. at the same time, the administration is not able to tell anything about the number of ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ pilgrims. in fact, on the evening of july 4 from sriganganagar, a group of about one and a half dozen people in jai bhole mahadev group had left for amarnath yatra.

police officer sushil khatri, his relatives and family members were involved in this. along with this, the cloth merchants of sriganganagar district and their relatives were also involved in the batch. however, there is no information about the people of his family, including the cloth merchant, and they are ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ.

people said – everything was destroyed in 10 minutes

jai bhole joins the group of mahadev group shri ganga nagar k navneet bhateja told that during the late evening cloudburst, the tents of the devotees of sri ganganagar were also washed away in the flood of water and stones and everything was destroyed within 10 minutes. he told that sushil khatri, his companion sunita wadhwa, sunita’s husband mohan lal wadhwa and others were present in the tent. during the sudden influx, sushil khatri saved the lives of many people without caring about his life, but sudhir khatri himself became a victim of the amarnath tragedy.

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however, the rescue operation started after the cloudburst incident late in the evening and was soon stopped due to darkness. so at the same time, the district administration is also not in a position to officially say anything about the number of pilgrims who have gone from sriganganagar district, the number of ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ pilgrims.

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