Astro Tips: These 5 easy remedies for the fulfillment of desires, know about them here

Oil is such a food item, which is used in all of us for cooking vegetables or frying anything. There are many types of oils, which we can use for other uses along with eating. Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Groundnut oil, Jasmine oil, Coconut oil, Mustard oil etc. Apart from eating, oil is also used in lighting a lamp in front of God, but do you know that according to astrology, we can use these oils to get rid of many problems coming in life. Bhopal-based astrologer and Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma is telling us about Oil Astro Tips. Let’s know.

jasmine oil remedy
If a person wants to fulfill all his wishes, then on every Tuesday or Saturday, offer jasmine oil on Bajrangbali. After this, offer a garland of flowers and worship by showing incense lamp. Be careful not to light the jasmine oil lamp. This oil is offered to Hanuman ji.

mustard oil remedy
If you want to get the blessings of Shani Dev, then take a bowl of mustard oil in the evening on Saturday and keep this oil in Shani temple after seeing your face in it. Apart from this, if you want to fulfill your every wish, then regularly light a lamp of mustard oil under the Peepal tree for 41 consecutive days. This remedy proves to be very effective.

sesame oil remedy
According to astrology, if you regularly light a lamp of sesame oil under a Peepal tree for 41 days, then your incurable diseases will gradually end and you will become completely healthy. According to beliefs, a lamp of sesame oil is lit under the Peepal tree to attain various types of sadhna and siddhis.

remedy for physical pain
According to astrology, on Saturday, after mixing one and a half kilos of potatoes and brinjals, make their vegetables in mustard oil and fry them in mustard oil and feed them to a blind, handicapped or poor person. By doing this remedy for at least three Saturdays, your troubles will go away.

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misfortune escape
If you want to get rid of your misfortune, then for this, take wheat flour cooked in mustard oil. Make seven puas by mixing old jaggery in it. Now put 7 Aak flowers, mustard oil lamps prepared from flour, vermilion, pattal or castor leaves and keep them at any crossroads on Saturday night.

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