‘Being Gay Is Madness’ —Actor Lateef Adedimeji Speaks On Marriage, Divorce

Nollywood actor Lateef Adedimeji says being gay is madness during a recent interview. He also speaks about marriage and divorce.
The fascinating role interpreter disclosed his feminine traits are natural because he grew up among many women. Adedimeji said gays had approached him on different occasions, but he cursed them. “I think it happened on one or two occasions, and I cursed them because I feel being gay is madness. Anyway, I am not like that.”

The husband of Nollywood actress Adebimpe Oyebade stated that for a marriage to last long, there must be a clear understanding between couples, they must be friends and open to each other.

On how to keep a marriage intact and safeguard it from crashing, he advised, “no one should feel more superior to the other. See yourselves as one, and tell yourselves everything. You will definitely fight and argue. Of course, that’s certain but be sure that after the argument, both of you reach a conclusion.”

“Solve your problems indoor; everything should not be put on social media. Keep a low life and be open with your spouse. My wife and I both write all the things we want and do not want, exchange them, read them out to each other, and make sure that we keep to them. With this, we get to know each other better,” he added.

Addressing men who dominate and maltreat their wives, Adedimeji opined that “a woman is not a slave to her husband, and she wasn’t given to you as a housemaid. Why would you beat up your fellow human in the first place, over what? Whatever it is, once you know you cannot control your anger, and it’s getting to you raising your hand, the best thing is to just walk away and come back when you are calmer. But if you feel the situation keeps getting uncontrollable, then both parties can go their separate ways. Marriage is not something to die for.”

The 36-year-old counselled that divorce should be an option when the union is becoming a threat to life. “Whatever is becoming a threat to your life, if it’s your peace of mind or mental health, then there is no need to be together,” he noted.

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