boat capsizes at panchkhero dam in koderma, 9 people Ԁɾᴏwո‌ҽԀ: minister annapurna devi spoke to dc

report – ritesh lohani

koderma. at present, big news is coming from koderma district of jharkhand, where 9 people have Ԁɾᴏwո‌ҽԀ after their boat capsized in the dam located in markaccho block. according to the information received, 9 people in the boat are said to be ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ after this incident. according to the local people, 9 to 10 people had gone out on a boat to roam in markacho block sthidam reservoir. during this, the boat capsized, due to which 8 people are reported to have Ԁɪҽd. let us tell you, the spot is located on the border of koderma and giridih district.

according to the information received, a total of 9 people including five children, two women and two men are involved in the Ԁɾᴏwո‌ing, all of them are being told from khento village of rajdhanwar block of giridih district. all the people sitting on the boat are said to be from the same village. everyone had come to visit gorhand dam (panchkhero reservoir). the incident happened during a boat ride. a total of 10 people were on the boat, out of which two people managed to save their lives by swimming.

these people are ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ

on the other hand, sitaram yadav (40 years) and his three children shejal kumari (16 years), harshal kumar (08 years), bauwa (05 years), deceased shivam singh (17 years), palak kumari (14 years) both father pradeep singh. , rahul (16 years) amit (14 years father praful singh) are said to be ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ. on the spot, markaccho block’s co ram suman prasad, markaccho police station in-charge sumit sao and navalshahi police station in-charge pancham tigga are present in a large amount of police force.

administration team reached the spot

at present, local people and markacho police station are present on the spot. search is on for the ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ people with the help of divers. at the same time, markacho ceo ram suman prasad has reached the spot along with the police force. the diving team is searching for the ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ people. a large number of local people are also present on the occasion. on the other hand, union minister of state for education cum koderma mp annapurna devi has spoken to the deputy commissioners of koderma and giridih and asked them to carry out relief work.

union minister annapurna devi took information

in fact, union minister of state for education and koderma mp annapurna devi has posted a post on her facebook timeline as soon as she got the information about the incident. he has written in his post – i am distressed to learn about the Ԁɾᴏwո‌ing of 10 people from different areas of giridih in panchkhero dam of markacho (koderma). by the grace of god, information has been received about the safe evacuation of two people. efforts are on to rescue the remaining 8 people safely. i have spoken to the deputy commissioners of koderma and giridih. relief and rescue operations have been asked to be carried out promptly. ndrf teams have left for the spot. local workers are also actively engaged in the rescue work. i am praying to the lord for everyone’s safety.

according to the information received, ndrf team is also being called for relief work on the spot. ndrf team has also left for koderma district from hazaribagh district to search for ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ people. let us tell you, panchkhero dam is located in the border area of ​​giridih district and koderma district.

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