‘Build Yourself As An Individual, The Right Person Will Come To You,’ IK Ogbonna Gives Relationship Advice

Nigerian actor IK Ogbonna dishes out relationship advice to his fans, saying there is someone out there for every type of person. However, it is essential to build oneself to attract the right person.
The handsome thespian said everyone should have standards before walking into a relationship. He counselled men to look beyond a good body physique and beautiful face whenever they want a relationship with a lady.

IK Ogbonna, who spoke to Punch, disclosed, “In my opinion, everyone should have standards. Men should also have principles. They should not just go for any lady because she has a good body or a cute face. There is more to it. There has to be a connection.”

He added, “I am not of the opinion that people should do anything to attract anyone. One can look helpless and hopeless and still be attractive. There is always someone out there for any type of person. Build yourself as an individual, and the right person will come to you.”

Detailing the lessons he learnt from his previous marriage, he said, “I don’t like bringing my relationship to the media because I feel everyone deserves a right to their private lives. I barely ever talk about it on social media.

“The most important thing is that we are not together, and that is public knowledge already. It does not mean we are enemies. She is a good friend of mine, and we have an amazing son together.

“There are no rules to a relationship or marriage. Different situations sustain different relationships and marriages. People are different, and one cannot always apply what one learnt in a previous relationship to a new one. However, understanding and communication should be general.”

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