Chestnut harvesting machine & Chestnut processing in factory

Chestnut harvesting and chestnut processing are documented in their entirety in the video below. If you want to read information related to chestnuts, do not skip this article
Chestnuts offer many attractive characteristics to Michigan growers, but also present substantial challenges that should be carefully considered. On the positive side, chestnut production requires relatively low pesticide and nutrient inputs in comparison to other perennial tree crops. There is already an established cooperative for processing, storing and marketing chestnuts and the domestic demand for chestnuts is healthy. However, research into chestnut production is limited in comparison to other horticultural crops.

Currently, no improved rootstock is available, yields are inconsistent and harvesting equipment is pricey for small-moderate operations. Michigan chestnut producers are also facing new invasive pests including Asian chestnut gall wasp and nut rot. As with any emerging industry, chestnut production requires cooperation, flexibility and resourcefulness.

The Trailed Harvester CIMINA C380T is suitable for picking shell fruits from the ground such as hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, coffee, macadamia, pecan walnuts and olives.
The CIMINA Trailed Harvesters series, born in the 70s, are the first machines created by FACMA and are considered until now as an important part of the annual production.
C380T success derives from its versatility since it can harvest a wide number of products and from its handiness that makes the mechanized harvesting easy and fast.

The machine is equipped with flexible tubes, maneuvered by operators, which gather the product through aspiration. On request it is possible to fix on this machine a hydraulic lateral harvester, which makes the harvesting quicker and easier, avoiding the use of manual tubes. A selection system cleans the product from impurities and then it is conveyed in a trailer (until 1600 Kg of capacity) or in sacks. For maximum performance, the area should be prepared with the use of a shredder several times throughout the preceding year and before the produce falls down.
Harvesting chestnuts

In the video below, we can see the Chestnut harvesting machine & Chestnut processing in factory
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