CWG 2022: Rosemary Lenton delighted after winning Lawn Bowls gold at 72 – This is effectively our Olympics

Scotland’s Rosemary Lenton, on Wednesday, August 3, won the gold medal at the age of 72 in the Para Women’s Pairs event in the Lawn Bowls in the Commonwealth Games 2022. She, along with her bowling partner Pauline Wilson, defeated the Australian duo of Cheryl Lindfield and Serena Bonnell 17-5.

Lenton from Dumfries is amongst the oldest competitors in the ongoing mega event. Moreover, having won the gold in her maiden appearance at CWG, Lenton was on cloud 9. She also helped Scotland win their fourth gold medal in the current championship.

“Absolutely fantastic. I’m dreaming. We both played excellently,” Lenton was quoted as saying.

“We always knew we could do it. In the round-robin we didn’t always produce it, but when it really mattered we did, and that’s the important thing,” she stated.
Almost two decades ago, Lenton sustained an injury that left her in a wheelchair for as long as two decades. Thereafter, she took part in nine editions of the World Championships in the sport of Wheelchair Curling.
After suffering the injury, Lenton almost threw in the towel as far as taking part in the CWG is concerned. She also admitted that the CWG is equivalent to an Olympics event for them.
“It’s the first time that women’s para-bowls has been included. I thought I would never get to a Commonwealth Games and, if I did, it would be as a spectator. This is effectively our Olympics because we cannot get any higher,” Lenton added.

Lenton plies her trade at Crichton Royal BC, her local bowling club in Dumfries.

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