do ṃᴜтɑтɪᴏո‌ѕ happen in ṃᴏո‌ᴋҽʏρᴏх like ᴄᴏɾᴏո‌ɑ, new variants may come? learn

the ᴄᴏɾᴏո‌ɑ ᴠɪɾᴜѕ that came two years ago is still spreading infection not only in india but in most countries of the world. at the same time, now a disease named ṃᴏո‌ᴋҽʏρᴏх ᴠɪɾᴜѕ is also affecting more than 75 countries. however, a lot has changed in the form of ᴄᴏɾᴏո‌ɑ in these two years. due to the frequent mutation in this virus, variants like alpha, beta, delta, delta plus and omicron have come. some of these have also proved fatal. still sub-variants of omicron variants of ᴄᴏɾᴏո‌ɑ are coming and infecting whenever. now since ṃᴏո‌ᴋҽʏρᴏх is also a virus, then a big question is also that like ᴄᴏɾᴏո‌ɑ, does the ṃᴏո‌ᴋҽʏρᴏх ᴠɪɾᴜѕ also have mutations? can new variants of ṃᴏո‌ᴋҽʏρᴏх also appear in the coming times?

in response to these questions, dr. mahesh chandra mishra, former director of delhi-based all india institute of medical sciences, says in a conversation with news18 hindi that both ᴄᴏɾᴏո‌ɑ ᴠɪɾᴜѕ and ṃᴏո‌ᴋҽʏρᴏх are virus-borne Ԁɪѕҽɑѕҽѕ, but there is a lot of difference between the two. ṃᴏո‌ᴋҽʏρᴏх is a viral zoonotic infection that can be transmitted from animals to humans. it can also spread from person to person. whereas ᴄᴏɾᴏո‌ɑ is an infectious disease that spreads due to sars-cov-2 virus. there is also a big difference between the symptoms of these two.
Dr. Mishra says that four major things come to the fore in patients suffering from monkeypox. First high fever, red pus filled rash or rash on the skin anywhere in the body, fatigue and body pain and swollen lymph nodes. Whereas the symptoms of corona are completely different from this. Apart from fever, corona had symptoms like cough, tightness in throat, fatigue, headache, loss of taste and smell, shortness of breath, vomiting and diarrhoea, decreased oxygen level.

Do monkeypox have mutations?
Dr. Mishra says that as far as the mutation in the monkeypox virus is concerned, it is important to understand that the monkeypox virus is a DNA virus in which mutations are rarely seen. Monkeypox virus has so far been found only in Nigeria and Congo in West Africa. Among them, the monkeypox virus found in the Congo was more dangerous and deadly. Its mortality rate was also very high. Whereas in other parts of West Africa it was contagious but somewhat less lethal.

Now since the mutation has been seen very rarely in monkeypox, then the chances of frequent changes in the form of this virus and new variants appearing are also very less. Therefore, if this virus is controlled once, then it is expected that it does not bother again and again like corona, as is being seen. New variants of Corona are coming out. In such a situation, in countries including India where the vaccination against Kovid has been good, it is not making much difference. Corona is definitely infecting but it is not fatal but in countries where vaccination is less, it is causing more harm. So the mutation is not good.

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