Don’t forget Oregon heroines, Fasuba begs FG

Former Africa 100m record holder and retired Nigerian sprinter Olusoji Fasuba has called on the Federal Government to immortalise athletics duo Tobi Amusan and Eze Brume after making the country proud at the just-concluded World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, United States of America, The PUNCH reports.

Amusan broke the 100m hurdles world record in the semi-finals with an astonishing 12.12s and followed up with a (+2.5) wind-assisted 12.06s in the final to claim the gold in the women’s 100m hurdles event, while also becoming the world record holder in the category.

Before then, she had run 12.40s in the heat to set a new African record.

Her achievement in the early hour of Monday means Amusan is Nigeria’s first ever world champion in athletics.

On her own part, Brume finished on the podium in the long jump with a leap of 7.02m to claim silver medal, finishing behind German Olympic champion Malaika Mihambo, who continued her dominance in the women’s long jump by soaring to a second successive World Championships gold with a final leap of 7.12m.

For a country with a reputation of abandoning some of its brightest talents, Fasuba, pleaded with the Nigerian authorities not to forget the two heroines.

“I was really happy that Tobi was able to break the world record and win the first gold that the country has not won in a long time and there is this joy everywhere and there is no word that can describe it,” Fasuba told The PUNCH from his base in the UK.

“We all knew that the hope we had was Tobi and Brume winning medals, also the relay team, especial ly the women who made it to the final.

“Looking at it very well, the two of them made the country proud and I hope the country will never forget them.”

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