End pollution, Niger Delta fishermen urge Buhari

representatives and leaders of artisan fishermen association of nigeria from the five niger delta states, who were victɪṃs of shell bonga oil spill, on wednesday, called on the president, major general muhammadu buhari (retd.), to prevail on multi-national oil giants in putting an end to the environmental degradation and pollution in the region; and take responsibility for the destruction they had caused over the years.

the fishermen, at a press conference in benin, edo state, lamented that the continuous effect of the activities of oil companies had not only destroyed their main source of livelihood, but also posed a serious threat to the people’s health.

speaking through their lawyer, who is also the executive director, environmental rights action/friends of the earth nigeria and winner of the 2022 goldman environment prize for africa, ᴄһɪṃa williams, the group sought a workable solution to the environmental despoliation arising from operations of the oil companies.

while commending president buhari for the positive steps in environmental protection and preservation over the years, williams appealed to the president to ensure that petroleum extractive companies were compelled to live up to their responsibility of restoring the environment.

he said, “mr president, i want to use this medium to appeal to you to use your good offices and as a caring father to bring all the parties together including all the petroleum extractive companies, such as shell, exxon mobil, nigerian agip oil company and total energy and the victɪṃs of their operations, relevant government agencies and authorities to discuss workable solutions to the environmental despoliation arising from their operational methodologies in the country.

“a situation where we currently have the multinational oil companies running away from their responsibilities of restoring the nigerian environment to the way it was before their extractive adventures, restituting citizens, whose livelihoods pattern have been either distorted or dislodged by the dislocation of their societal fabrics in the name of divestment, should also be addressed, and operations discouraged until the needful is done.

“i believe that as a listening father, you have always been attending to the downtrodden masses of nigerian, especially the fishermen victɪṃs of shell bonga oil spill. i believe that you will bring succour to them before your administration winds up.”

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