Flood situation in Manali, increased water level in Bhajogi drain in the heart of the city, water filled people’s homes

manali. along with the tourist city of manali, the rain that has been raining for two days in the surrounding areas of the city has now started showing its havoc. the situation is becoming like a flood. after the continuous rains in the valley, the river drains have come in spate.

the water level in the beas river, including its tributaries, is increasing rapidly due to the continuous rains on the hills. the situation has come to such an extent that now people’s homes have also started flooding and they are forced to take shelter in higher areas.

according to the information, there was heavy rain in manali as well as the surrounding areas on wednesday morning. after which the river drains came in spate. after the heavy rain in the morning, the water level of bhajoli drain in the middle of manali city suddenly increased and it took a flood-like form. after the sudden water in the drain, water also went away in many houses. simultaneously, the buses parked at the manali volvo stand were also flooded, causing heavy damage. at the same time, due to the rain, debris from the hills came on the roads in many areas, due to which the traffic was also disrupted. however, in the afternoon the rain stopped and a little sunshine has also emerged.

drain door broken
as soon as the rain stopped, the administration has also started the work of removing debris from the roads. while giving information, manali city council president chaman kapoor said that there was heavy rain in manali last night, due to which the water of river drains had increased in many places and the wall of the drain broke due to which the water went to the houses through other routes. he said that he is taking stock of the damage caused by the water along with his team. he appealed to the people not to panic and also said that the situation is now under control.

similar weather will remain for 2 to 3 days
according to the meteorological department, the weather is expected to be bad in the district including the state for the next 2 to 3 days. at the same time, the local people and tourists are also being appealed repeatedly by the administration that no person should go near the river drains during the rainy days. in view of the inclement weather in the valley, an alert has also been issued by the manali administration and all the people have been asked to remain alert.

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