Automatic Cut And Paste Mask Factory In Korea

The fully closed mask production process at the factory is fully documented in the video below. During the epidemic period, seeing the mask making process safely also makes me feel much more secure
With the new COVID going on, mask factories are gradually established in various places around the world, so as important surgical mask making machines for mask factories, how does the surgical mask making machine produce masks?

Mask Production Line
Sarem Machinery developed a Mask Production Line which can produce high-quality Surgical masks for helping people around the world to fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), On this page, we will introduce the main features of this Fully automatic mask production Machine.
A fully automatic surgical mask production line is the ideal manufacturing line for producing high-quality masks. The production line works fully automatically without human contact.

Surgical mask Production line Specifications
The ultrasonic melting system used for mask
Automatic feeding & Inserting system for nose-wires of the Mask
Three layers of non-woven fabric are automatically aligned and feed to the production line
Nose wires and ear bands are automatically cut and welded by ultrasonic welding
Automatic counting and palletizing after welding the ear band.
High-capacity Surgical Face mask Production line capable of producing 70–80 pieces per minute
Easy installation and maintenance;
PLC control system and user-friendly control panel

In the video below, we can see the Automatic Cut And Paste Mask Factory In Korea
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