guild confirms release of ᴋɪԀո‌ɑρped actors

the actors guild of nigeria has confirmed the release of two of its members, cynthia okereke and clemson cornel (agbogidi), who were ɑЬԀᴜᴄтed in enugu state.

in a release shared by monalisa chinda coker, the guild’s director of communication, on wednesday, the association informed the public that the ɑЬԀᴜᴄтors were “touched by the spirit of god” and set the thespians free.

the statement read in part, “this is to inform the public that the ᴋɪԀո‌ɑρped actors, cynthia okereke and clemson cornel, have been released, unhurt. the elated national president of the actors guild of nigeria, ejezie rollas, announced their release by the ɑЬԀᴜᴄтors who were touched by spirit of god to set them free and unhɑɾṃҽԀ.

“the guild has arranged for medical checks and psychological support for the victɪṃs.

“on behalf of their families, the national president expressed our heartfelt appreciation to the nollywood industry and nigerians at large for the support and prayers during this trying period.
“he urged members to be security conscious on and off movie sets and always take precautionary measures on their security at all times.”

okereke and agbodigidi were declared ṃɪѕѕɪո‌ɡ on saturday when family members could not reach them after working on a film set.
their ɑЬԀᴜᴄтors afterwards reached out, demanding a ransom of $100,000, which the guild’s national president, ejezie rollas, stated could not be raised, in an interview with sunday scoop.

according to rollas, while a sum of n1.2million was raised, the ɑЬԀᴜᴄтors mocked their efforts.

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