Guinness Fulfills Reward To Ex BBN Top 5: A Trip To The Home Of Guinness

The top 5 of BBN season 5 were rewarded by being led to Dublin on a Heritage Tour by Guinness Ambassadors Nwa ka Ibe Ya (Prince) and the Queen of Ninjas (Nengi), as well as Laycon & Dorathy, who are favorites of Icons and Dexploras.
The BBN stars spent four days in the origin of the exceptional beer experiencing a true Guinness experience.
The Global Guinness Family welcomed the BBN stars upon their arrival at the Westbury hotel in the center of Dublin, where they were subsequently treated to a sumptuous supper and calming ambiance.
They enjoyed a full Guinness VIP experience during their stay, taking part in a variety of thrilling activities that included trips to Patrick’s Cathedral and Dublin Castle.
The tour of the Guinness Brewery/Storehouse and lunch at the famous 1837 Bar & Brasserie in Dublin, which is named for the year that oysters and Guinness were first noted as a delicious pairing, were the highlights of the trip.
Mark Mugisha, the Marketing and Innovations Director for Guinness Nigeria, spoke about the entire experience and reaffirmed the brand’s dedication to honoring commitments, recognizing achievement, and forging cultural connections with its customers.

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