House Don Full, We No Want – Taiwo Hassan Ogogo’s Daughter Rejects Doyin Kukoyi As Her Step-Mother

Media personality cum Nollywood actress Adedoyin Kukoyi has been rejected by colleague, Taiwo Hassan’s daughter.

Doyin Kukoyi has earlier shared photos of herself and veteran actor Taiwo Hassan, better known as Ogogo, whom she playfully referred to as her ‘better half’.

The actress who also called Ogogo her husband, shared the photos from a movie location on Instagram, saying that she has found her better half.

Captioning one of the photos, Doyin wrote:

“I have found my better half. Alhamdulillah.”

In another photo, she wrote:

“Love is real. I am blessed. Together forever.”

The photos sparked reactions on Instagram as many wondered whether the actress had gotten married to Ogogo. Others opined that the two are playing husband and wife in the new movie.
Reacting in the comment section of the post, Ogogo’s daughter Kira wrote: “House don full ma! We no want.”

“Iya oko mi, house no fit full. I don carry my baggage come. Do us the honor of picking the wedding date please,” Doyin replied.

Ogogo is married with children.

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