“How I Collapsed After My Eviction” – BBNaija’s Christy O Debunks Ignoring Ebuka

First evicted housemate of the ‘Level Up’ season, Christy O has revealed that she collapsed backstage the moment she was evicted from the house.

According to a recent interview with Pulse, the reality TV star said she collapsed after she was evicted from the show because reality dawned on her after Ebuka, the host called her name.

She said;

“So the interview thing, when Ebuka called my name backstage, I guess reality dawned on me that I have just been evicted from the show, next thing I lost consciousness and passed out. So that was what happened. I did not walk out. Because I have been seeing so many comments…that was what happened,”

The reality TV actress also discussed her brief tenure in the house, which was criticized for being uninteresting.

She claimed that as her skin began to react to the water in the house, she took some pills. This contributed to the slowing of her game within the house.

Since she left the house, Christy O said she has received an overwhelmingly positive response.
She claimed: “Someone tweeted about me and called me furniture in the house.

Recall that Christy O was evicted from the show alongside Cyph.

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