I Don’t Accept Defeat, I’m Unforgiving, And Very Hard-Headed —Toke Makinwa

Nigerian media personality Toke Makinwa has listed some facts that make up her strength and weakness.
The fashionista disclosed she is not a woman who accepts defeat and can be very unforgiving because she is tough. She said this about herself in her chat with Vanguard Allure.

“I can be very headstrong, it is my biggest strength, I don’t accept defeat, and I’m pretty determined. Unfortunately, it is also my weakness, I can be very unforgiving, and very hard-headed too,” Toke Makinwa said of herself.

Responding to a question about her walking down the aisle to get married again, the ex-wife of Maje Ayida noted she is optimistic about it because she loves being in a healthy relationship.

In her words, “I am open to getting married again, I love love, I love being in healthy relationship, and I do not think we were designed to be by ourselves. I know it’ll happen and I can’t wait to meet the lucky chap.”

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