I wouldn’t have succeeded as actress in UK – Destiny Amaka

An actress, Destiny Amaka, has said that she has no regrets relocating to Nigeria to pursue her acting career. She grew up in London, United Kingdom.

Amaka, who grew up in London, United Kingdom, told Sunday Scoop, she said, “I did not grow up in Nigeria but I have been living here for the past nine years, and I intend to settle down here because I love my country.

“While living abroad, I was into TV and radio presenting, but the number of jobs for black people in the entertainment industry was very minimal. Sometimes, there would be only one role for a black person and I would be in a room of so many black girls during auditions. If I was abroad, I would not have gone far in my career as I have in Nigeria.”

Amaka, who took to her Instagram page to encourage Nigerian men for being strong and fulfilling their responsibilities stated that the post was inspired by seeing how hard-working many Nigerian men are.

She said, “For the average Nigerian man working hard, it takes a lot of strength. Young men are out there looking for work to do.

“Many don’t even have jobs, yet they have to feed their families. The hustle of the average Nigerian man triggered the post. It was my way of commending and encouraging them.”

The actress also maintained that she believes in always cutting her clothes according to her size for the sake of her mental health, as against the glamour of Nollywood.

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