Johnny Depp accused of drugging ex Ellen Barkin before sex. Actress says, ‘He asked if I want to f**k’

some unsealed court documents from amber heard and johnny depp’s defamation case have come out now. it reveals that depp drugged his ex-partner ellen barkin before having ѕҽх with her.
johnny depp and amber heard’s defamation case ended a while ago. however, the case continues making headlines even now as some undisclosed court documents have come to the forefront. the actor had won the lawsuit he filed against his ex-wife amber heard. in the unsealed documents, it has been revealed that johnny depp’s ex-girlfriend ellen barkin claimed the actor was “controlling,” drank too much red wine, and gave her a quaalude, drug, the first time they had ѕҽх. johnny depp had sued amber heard for defaming him in a 2018 washington post article, where she called herself a survivor of domestic abuse.

johnny depp drugged ellen barkin before ѕҽх
interestingly, more than 6,000 pages of court documents from amber heard and johnny depp’s legal battle have been unsealed. some more shocking details of their much publicised legal battle have come to light again. in the recently unveiled legal filings, ellen barkin described how the first time that she had ѕҽх with depp when they were dating in the 90s, he gave her a quaalude. “he asked me if i wanted to f**k him,” she said.

ellen barkin shared several accounts of her relationship with johnny depp as part of her 2019 deposition in the actor’s defamation trial against amber heard. the actress told amber heard’s lawyers that she and depp met around 1990 and initially became friends. the two remained close for nearly a decade when barkin said they went their separate ways after depp threw a bottle of wine at her in a hotel room. barkin’s testimony suggested that there also was another side to depp, saying that she witnessed the hollywood star address one of his assistants as “pig.” barkin went on to describe the 59-year-old “pirates” star as “a yeller” and as “verbally abusive,” and recalled that there was always “just a lot of yelling” when he was around, according to the transcript.
about johnny depp and amber heard
johnny depp and amber heard met on the sets of the rum diary in 2009 and started dating a few years later. in 2015, they got married. during that time, johnny depp was in a long term relationship with french actress vanessa paradis while amber heard was dating photographer tasya van ree. following the split with their respective former partners, the two began secretly dating in 2011. johnny depp and amber heard were engaged in 2014. the news became public when a picture emerged of the actress wearing an ornate engagement ring. they finally got married in 2015 in a very private ceremony on depp’s private island in the bahamas.

in 2016, heard filed for divorce and alleged that depp had physically abused her during their marriage under the influence of drugs or alcohol. depp denied the accusations and stated that heard was “attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.” their divorce was finalised in 2017. johnny depp later sued amber heard for defamation because of an op-ed she wrote in the washington post in 2018. in the op-ed, headlined “i spoke up against ѕҽхual ᴠɪᴏƖҽո‌ᴄҽ — and faced our culture’s wrath. that has to change,” heard claimed that she was a domestic abuse survivor. however, she did not name depp.

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