Lawyer Explains Why Kizz Daniel Should Not Have Been Arrested By The Police

After Kizz Daniel refused to perform in Tanzania, a popular Nigerian lawyer Moe Odele has stated that it was wrong for the police to be involved

Recall that Kizz Daniel disappointed Tanzanian fans, who had paid huge sums of money to watch him perform.

When the Nigerian singer didn’t show up, they trashed the stage before angrily going home. Later, the concert organisers got police to arrest the Nigerian singer.

Reacting, Nigerian lawyer Moe Odele explained that “a breach of contract is a civil matter and the police should not be involved”.

She added: “Not holding brief for Kizz Daniel but using the police for civil disputes makes us complicit in abuse of police powers. I come in peace.

“We often complain that the police oversteps but we also need to stop using the police to enforce civil obligations. That’s not what the police is set up for.”

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