Manufacturing Axle Spindle of Heavy Duty Truck Trailer. Axle Spindle Production Process

This video will show the process of the axle production of the factory, which is mainly for the production of trucks and heavy vehicles.The axle of the production truck is a key component of the transmission. There is an axle shaft on the outside and inside, and it connects to the wheel on both sides with two bearings. The truck axle (spindle) is a key part of the transmission. We can make your axles, axles for tractors, axles for trucks, axles for buses, axles for machinery, axle shafts.

Manufacturing Processes
The spindle production process begins with forgings that meet strict requirements for chemical composition and internal defects. The spindles are machined in two steps, one machine turns the flange end, and drills and taps the wheel bolt holes. A robot lifts the spindle from the first machine, turns it 180 degrees, and moves it to the second turning centre where the shaft portion is machined.

At this point the spindle is still in a green state, meaning it has not undergone any hardening treatment. In order to be able to withstand the stress it will be subjected to, it must be hardened using a heat induction process. The heat induction machine uses a high current electrical coil producing an electromagnetic field that passes over the spindle, which being ferromagnetic, raises the temperature of the steel spindle to approximately 900°C (1700°F) within just a few minutes. To reach this temperature so quickly, the machine consumes electrical energy at the rate of approximately 500 kW (670 hp). The total electrical energy used for each part is approximately 20 kWh, the equivalent of three to four days of electricity used by the average home. Once the steel reaches the appropriate temperature, it is immediately quenched by a high volume spray of a water based coolant. The bright orange glowing part is instantly quenched to retain the desired hardness.

The induction hardening machine is computer controlled, and each part has a unique program or recipe created by Tigercat engineers under the direction of senior engineer Irfan Zardadkhan. The recipe is programmed to bring each cross section of the spindle to the appropriate temperature. “Each recipe is specific for the size of the part and the depth to which we are hardening,” explains Irfan.

The hardening process affects the outer layer of the shaft portion of the spindle, while the inner core remains less hard, and more ductile. To remove any internal stresses, the spindles must be tempered. A batch of spindles is loaded into the oven and heated at a predetermined temperature for several hours. After tempering, the spindle is finish machined to final dimensions.
In the video below, we can see the Manufacturing Axle Spindle of Heavy Duty Truck Trailer. Axle Spindle Production Process
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