Nancy Umeh Hints On Sister, Korra Obidi’s New Relationship Following Justin’s Loved-Up Video With New Lover

After Korra Obidi’s estranged husband, Justin Dean shared a video of himself on a date with a new partner, Nancy Umeh hinted at her sister unveiling her new lover soon.

Korra’s ex, Justin recently appeared to have moved on from their marriage, with another Nigerian lady simply identified as Tokumbo Daniel.

In a video shared on his Instagram story on Thursday, The American citizen disclosed that he went out on a date with Tokumbo.

The pair could be seen showing their love for each other in public with smiles etched on their faces.

Fans of Korra Obidi took to Nancy’s social media pages after the news about Justin’s new lover, surfaced online.
Reacting, Nancy appreciated those who reached out and criticized the family over the issue, urged them to keep the same energy when her sister reciprocates Justin’s move.

She wrote;
“Dear Fam. Thank you for your messages/ emails No.. I don’t have anything to say. No.. Just make sure you keep the same energy when it’s the other party involved”


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