Our Selection Of The TOP 40 Biggest Machines In The World

The Sleipner System is a groundbreaking innovation that is changing excavator logistics for good. Traditional methods cost time and money while keeping machines out of work for long periods of time.
Sleipner enables moving excavators around safely and phenomenally faster – every spin of a Sleipner wheel saves you money as well as time to be directed into productive work. This clever system is simple in idea, simple to acquire, and simple to use. And we will help you every step of the way.


The revolutionary Sleipner DB120 Float is powered by a CAT 745 articulated truck and will improve onsite mobility of dozers and drills, as well as reduce extreme undercarriage wear. Powered hydraulics tilt the bed and a drill or dozer can be driven safely on and off the float in a matter of minutes.

SW450 swing wheel low loader, the largest (for now, at least) of our low loaders which reduce operating costs and increase machine utilisation on mine sites. Payback periods for such machines can be as low as 12 months.

In today’s video, we will introduce you to the 40 largest machines in the world in many fields. You should not miss this article. The content in the article is just a summary of a very few types of machines introduced in the video. If you want to see the details and full range of the machines, please scroll down to our video below. You really won’t be disappointed
In the video below, we can see the Our Selection Of The TOP 40 Biggest Machines In The World
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