People Who Are Genuinely Happy Are Not On Social Media – Actress, Didi Ekanem

Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem has stated that people who are truly happy are not on social media.

According to the actress, people who are genuinely happy are not on social media as they don’t even care about social media as a whole.

Taking to her Insta-stories she wrote;

People who are genuinely happy aren’t on Instagram and don’t even know anything about social media. They are somewhere, living their simple and peaceful life. The way they love on God in their unconducive environment, you will be jeolous. Talk more of you that sees the light yet, you will still complain instead of praising the lord.

recalls that the actress had dished advice to young ladies to tend to get married to build themselves first before anything else.

The curvy Nollywood actress told young women to have a source of income, no matter how small before they settle down with their spouse.
Didi said women shouldn’t be deceived by the ‘hard-work doesn’t pay’ mantra because it pays in the long run. She went on to pray that God will grant women wisdom needed to build and equip themselves.

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