Peter Obi group seeks voter registration deadline extension

The Peter Obi Support Network on Friday called on the Independent National Electoral Commission to extend the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration exercise until at least, November 2022.

The POSN said that it might “be left with no other option than to seek redress in court since all entreaties to INEC to continue the CVR have fallen on deaf ears.”

The POSN Director (Legal/Election Monitoring), Modupe Olufemi-Akodu, issued the threat in a statement in Abuja.

She said, “We have made several appeals to INEC to stick to the Electoral Law which stipulates that voter registration should stop 90 days before the general elections. But all our entreaties seem to have fallen on deaf ears as INEC is going ahead with its plans to suspend the exercise on July 31.

“This is suspected to be a trick to disenfranchise millions of young potential voters who have not been able to register or transfer their cards within this period.”

Olufemi-Akodu raised the alarm that INEC’s action amounts to voter suppression, which it hopes will favour a particular political party against the other.

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