Sana Khan reveals she chose to wear hijab after depression, says ‘I had everything but was missing peace’

Sana Khan revealed why she decided to quit films and wear a hijab all her life. She said her dreams gave her anxiety and there were bouts of depression despite achieving success in Bollywood.

Sana Khan opened up on her decision to quit showbiz . She revealed how despite being successful, she suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety. Sana, who featured in Salman Khan-starrer Jai Ho, was one of the top contestants on Bigg Boss 6. However, she left her flourishing career in showbiz and decided to retire from the entertainment industry citing religious reasons. The actress got married to Mufti Anas in 2020.

Sana Khan and her husband recently performed Hajj and returned to Mumbao. Now, in a video, the former actress can be seen talking about why she chose to move away from showbiz. She said, “In my past life of course, I had everything, name, fame, money. I could do anything and everything that I wanted but one thing that was missing was peace in my heart. I was like I have everything but why am I not happy? It was very tough and there were days of depression, there were days of Allah’s message that I could see through his signs.”

Speaking about the time that transformed her life, she said, “In 2019 I still remember, during Ramadan, I used to see a grave in my dreams. I would see a burning, blazing grave and I could see myself in the grave. I didn’t see the empty grave, I saw myself. I felt this is the sign that God is giving me that if I don’t change, this is what my end is. That got me a little anxiety. I still remember the changes that were happening. I would listen to all the motivational Islamic speeches and one night I remember reading something so beautiful.”

Sana began to cry as she added, “The message said that you don’t want your last day to be your first day of wearing hijab. That is something that touched me so deep.”

She further said, “The next morning I remember I woke up and that was my birthday. I had bought a lot of scarves before. I put the cap inside, wore the scarf and I told myself I will never remove this ever again.”

Sana Khan became a household name after her stint in Bigg Boss Season 6. She has also been a part of various films, including Salman Khan’s Jai Ho. She announced her retirement from showbiz in October 2020, citing religious reasons

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