Sawmill drive roller. Amazing CNC Machine

Starting with a piece of hollow steel tube, the OD must be rough turned before the interior diameter is bored. Before creating the central drive plug, we turn down the ends to make the tube the proper size. The center drive plug needs to have a frilled and sized center hole drilled. Before interference fitting the plug into our customer’s machine, we use our 150T hydraulic press to broach and cut two keyways into the plug. Our customer then utilizes their Mazak Integrex CNC to finish the machine with the outer diameter.

Additionally, they finish the roller by using the CNC to mill and groove all of the profiles into the outside diameter.

TM-26120 Center Lathe
The TM-26120G industrial quality center lathe is made in Tᴀɪᴡᴀɴ with exacting precision engineering, high tolerance, and superior excellence to handle any job or task that the professional machinist sets out to achieve. It also, and perhaps most importantly, provides many years of valuable and dependable service. The spindle bore support bearing is one of the most neglected and significant components of a high-quality lathe. They are typically unmentioned or disregarded because they are well-hidden inside the lathe’s headstock.

HMP-150T Hydraulic press

Industrial motorized hydraulic press, 150 tons, model HMP-150T. 350mm Ram Stroke, 10hp 415V motor, and 900mm height from ram to table. Includes a pressure gauge, table insert, adjustable sliding cylinder ram, and Vee blocks. For pressing bearings, bushings, and straightening shafts as well as ordinary pressing tasks, a 150 tons industrial hydraulic press is ideal for the industrial workshop.

In the video below, we can see the Sawmill drive roller. Amazing CNC Machine

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