See As I’m Spoiling You – Regina Daniels Teases Rita As She Buys Exotic Jewelry For Self, Mother

Nollywood actress and billionaire’s wife, Regina Daniels has spoilt her mother, Rita Daniels silly, with an expensive piece of jewelry.

The mother and daughter, who are still outside the country following the birth of Regina’s second child, have been living their best life.
Regina took her mum on a shopping spree and splashed millions on a gold chain for her. Teasing her, Regina stated that her mother wouldn’t remember this in future.

Her mother, however, showered her with love as she described her as ‘my love’. The new mother also bought a bracelet for herself.

Regina Daniels: See as I am spoiling you now, you wouldn’t remember.

Rita Daniels: But u know that you are my love

Regina Daniels captioned the sweet moment with: “I love it!! But it’s so heavy…anyways I still got it”.
recalls Regina Daniels recently clinched another ambassadorial deal with an hair product brand company.

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