Submission to one’s man not weakness — Kiitan Bukola

Actress, Oloruntimilehin Oluwabukola, aka Kiitan Bukola, has said that a woman being submissive to her man should not be considered a sign of weakness.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she said, “I feel that as a lady, one should be submissive. It does not make one a weak person. However, being submissive does not mean one should be gullible.”

Asked how she will react if she gets married and her husband later takes another wife, she said, “I don’t pray for it, because I am from a polygamous home and I know what I went through. That is one of the reasons I have waited for this longer without getting married.”

On whether actors are well paid for the job they do, she said, “What I collect is different from what other people collect, so I can only speak for myself.

“I think I get what I deserve because I don’t work for less. I am not desperate to become a star. I know my worth and that guides the way I work.”

The actress also stated that though she has no plan to undergo cosmetic surgery, she does not know what the future holds. She said, “First, I don’t like injections. So, I really cannot imagine myself going under the surgeon’s knife. But, I don’t have anything against those doing it. If it works for them, that is fine.

“Right now, my shape is okay and I don’t have any reason to do surgery because I like myself the way I am.

“However, I won’t say a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to that in the future because if after giving birth, I become fat, I might consider it.”

Kiitan also stated that confidence in herself is her greatest asset.

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