The mother-in-law broke the marriage in the marriage pavilion, took the unmarried son home by saying dwarf

Love is the bond of two hearts. To pack this relationship for many lives is called marriage. Once married, this relationship is considered to be of seven births. But often you must have heard that God sends things like marriage from above. Only people on earth are late to meet their right match. However, there are many hurdles in this match. A woman might have thought that she had found her couple made in the sky. But on the very day of marriage, all his dreams were broken.

This bride named Lamia Al-Labawi shared the incident with her. She told that on the day of her marriage, her future mother-in-law broke the marriage. The groom’s mother had earlier seen Lamia only in photographs. Both met for the first time on the day of marriage. On seeing the girl, the mother started making mouth. He broke this marriage by calling the girl ugly and naughty. The groom also returned from the mandap on the orders of his mother without getting married. After this Lamia broke down

The groom retreated from the orders of his mother
According to Yabaleft Media News, the groom saw the girl for the first time. On seeing it, he rejected the girl. According to the groom’s mother, the girl was unattractive and was very naughty in front of her son. After this the woman told her son not to marry. The boy also left from there. During this entire drama, the picture of the bride and groom was taken, in which the boy was seen wiping sweat from his forehead. After this incident, Lamia became very sad because all this drama happened when she had come in the bride’s dress.

shared my pain
Lamia took to social media to share her pain with people. He told how he got such a big shock on the day of his special day. Lamia further told the people that he is an orphan. On this marriage, he had invested all his deposits till now. On the happiest day of life, all his happiness was destroyed. He spent money on arranging for his clothes, jewelry and inviting guests. After that she could not even get married. Apart from this, when the marriage broke down, he heard many guests blaming him only. After hearing all this, now the bride is in shock.

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