The rule of registration of Kanwariyas is overshadowing the Rudrabhishek of Gehlot government, BJP angry

gehlot government is conducting rudrabhishek in 44 pagodas
minister khachariyawas said a big thing about the registration of kavadis
earlier, the government had also made recitations of ramayana and sunderkand in temples.
jaipur. the ashok gehlot government of rajasthan is now conducting rudrabhishek of lord shankar in sawan. government ministers are visiting shiva temples and doing rudrabhishek. rudrabhishek is being done in 44 shiva temples of the state. in the temples where rudrabhishek is being done by the gehlot government, 4 temples of up are also included in them. on the other hand, the bjp alleged that the gehlot government was harassing the kanwariyas by registering them strictly. they are doing anti-hindu work.

the month of sawan has started. along with this, jalabhishek and rudrabhishek have also started in shiva temples. in rajasthan, the gehlot government has also started rudrabhishek. in the gehlot government, art and culture minister shanktala rawat consecrated and worshiped lord shiva at pratapeshwar mahadev temple in jaipur. during this, congress mla safia zubair was also with him. rawat said that in order to wish for peace and tranquility in rajasthan, the government will conduct this rudrabhishek every monday in 44 temples throughout sawan.

minister rawat said this process will continue even further
minister shanktala rawat said that the month of sawan is considered holy in the vedas and puranas. this time in the whole of rajasthan, god has given me this responsibility. rudrabhishek and sahastradhara will be organized every monday in sawan. cm ashok gehlot has such a wish to maintain peace and peace in the state. earlier we had done bhagwat katha. sunderkand lessons were also done on ramnavami and hanuman jayanti. this cycle will continue even further.

bjp showed the efforts of the government
on the other hand, the rajasthan government has strictly enforced the kanwar yatra. registration has been made mandatory for those participating in the kavad yatra. the use of dj has been banned. section 144 is applicable in the state. the police made its stand clear by holding meetings of the peace committee before the start of the kavad yatra. bjp alleged that this is the hypocrisy of the gehlot government. on the one hand, strictness on kanwariyas and on the other hand is pretending to be rudrabhishek to erase the tag of being anti-hindu.

the government came on the back foot regarding the registration of kanwar yatra
meanwhile, the rajasthan government has come on the back foot regarding registration on the kavad yatra. rajasthan minister pratap singh khachariyawas said that the order of the police is wrong. there will be no registration. everyone is exempted from kanwar yatra. in rajasthan, the gehlot government was constantly being accused on one hand that it is doing the politics of appeasement.

the government’s effort is that it should not be labeled as anti-hindu.
whether it is a matter of strictness on visits and ban on djs in the state on ram navami or the use of loudspeakers on friday prayers. but the gehlot government has been trying for the last three months that it should not be accused of being anti-hindu. for this, first ramayana lessons were done on ram navami. then on hanuman jayanti, recitation of sundar kand and now rudrabhishek is being done.

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