Why I Always Fly Back To Nigeria After My Gigs – Davido

Singer, Davido has revealed why he always runs back to Nigeria after his gig.

Taking to his Insta-stories, he claims that he hasn’t seen a place better than Nigeria, as even as a kid when vacationing in America he always cried to return to Nigeria.
In a message to the government, Davido told them to do better as this country is blessed.

“People always wonder why I fly back home after gigs…….Funny enough when we used to come to America on holiday as a kid I’d cry to my parents that I wanna go back to Naija…. I really love being in Nigeria idk y…. Even if I have 4 hours to be in…. I go run am! NO PLACE LIKE! Our leaders need to do better the country is blessed”.

See post below;

Hours before his initial post, the singer took to his Insta-stories to describe himself as a legend singer in which every artist in Nigeria has been compared or formed against, he wrote;
“A lot of controversies have been set around this Legend and you almost never hear or read anything good about him on mainstream media outlets, a lot of tools have been put in place to discourage him and hold him back. He is the only Nigerian artiste that almost every other successful and great artiste in the Nigerian music industry have either been compared to or formed against. He has maned up several times to work things out with people the media have made his enemies despite being the little one by age. Stood strong and held so many youngsters hands to success in the industry. If not of this guys love for musical culture, if not for his devotion that he has for the people that support him, if he wasn’t born for this thing, he would have quit a long time ago. This guy’s is Bigger in Size, Heart, Mind, Spiritually and in Talent more than we would ever imagine. Give him his flowers now. Give him his Kingship now. Honor, and protect him now.

Heart Mind spirit too strong!!!

I shall live long Amen! To receive all my blessings God has in store for me! And u guys already know my blessing nah OUR BLESSING! 001! Album on the way… I’m inspired”.

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