‘Wipe Her Cord,’ Fans Roast Tiwa Savage For Saying Jesus Is The Inspiration Behind ‘Somebody’s Son’ (Video)

Fans of Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage have criticised her on social media for saying Jesus, the son of God, is the inspiration behind her hit song, ‘Somebody’s Son.’
In a video sighted by WithinNigeria, Tiwa Savage told her fans at a show that many people discouraged her about the song because it predominantly addressed women.

Tiwa Savage said, “when I wrote this song, a lot of people told me it wasn’t going to be a hit because only females could sing along to it. They said, ‘Tiwa, this is not going to be a hit because men are not going to be able to sing Somebody’s Son.’”

She continued, “but you know what I told them? When I wrote this song, I wasn’t even thinking about a relationship, I was thinking about Jesus Christ, because he is the real somebody’s son, so I said to them people will relate to the song because whether you’re a man or a woman, we all need somebody’s son.”

Watch the video and see comments below.

The section where Tiwa Savage linked the song to Jesus Christ has caused her fans to berate her on social media. Some called her a liar for the claimed inspiration behind the track, while another fan said they should beat her with an electric cord.

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