yomi fabiyi, lover trade words over ѕҽх-for-role allegations

nollywood actor, yomi fabiyi, and the mother of his last child, identified as grace jimoh, on monday engaged in a social media squabble over ѕҽх-for-role allegations.

the actor, on monday, shared screenshots of the first chat he had with grace on his instagram page.

his action was in response to some allegations made by some blogs that he asked grace to sleep with him to help her acting career.


sharing the chats on his instagram page, fabiyi wrote in the caption, “this was how it started with grace and i. is this ѕҽх for role? only a ᴄɾɪṃɪո‌ɑƖ or reckless journalist will not balance story before reaching a conclusion. you created a platform, violate people’s rights, gained traffic with people’s life, health, career.”

in response, grace took to her instagram story to note that fabiyi deleted some parts of his chat with her.

she wrote, “yomi, why deleting some of the chat? when i sent the pictures, what was your response?”

grace also alleged that the first time she did a video call with the actor, he showed her his ɡҽո‌ɪтɑƖѕ.

“the first time we did video call, what were you showing me? someone you don’t even know, all you could do was to start bringing out your prick. i immediately ended the call,” grace alleged.

she also slammed the actor for “keeping fake evidences” about their interactions.

she, however, noted that though she had evidences of her own, she would stop replying fabiyi for the sake of their child.

grace added, “replying you is just a waste of time. there are many evidences. even the prick you showed on the first video call, even before our chats, but you know what? i won’t reply you.

“not because i am all at fault, but because of this child. he never forced me to birth him. shalom.”

the duo welcomed their child, korede, in february, 2022.

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